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English Writing Resources

Writing Resources

The English department follows the recommendations of the Modern Language Association for writing research papers. You can get more information about MLA procedures for citing and documenting sources from your teacher or by visiting Purdue University’s online writing lab (

Links to grammar and style guides, help with editing, citing sources, and avoiding plagiarism.
A writing techniques handbook and links to many writing resources.
Includes information on writing processes, style info. for many types of documents, reading resources, and help for research writing, speeches, and presentations.
Guides user through the writing process and offers guides on writing different types of essays.
This extensive site offers many links useful to high school students in the following categories: "Spelling and Vocabulary," "Grammar and Writing Guides," "Poetry," "Literature," "Poetry Contest," and "Literature Study Guides."
An extensive database of resources related to sentence, paragraph, and essay level writing. Also offers various documents, PowerPoint presentations, interactive quizzes, quotes, and more.